Our products

Our products are derived from carefully grown mangos from our organic farm. They are basked in the tropical sun and soothing ocean breeze of Dominican Republic. We offer our customers fruits free of chemicals, without preservatives and coloring. Allowing our customers to enjoy a drink which is 100% pure fruit.

Refreshing Mango Nectar

Caprice Organic

Caprice Organic Mango nectar is easy, breezy made with real mangos from our organic farm. The mangos are specially selected for their sweet juicy flavor. The sun-ripened mangos come to please your taste buds. The delicious flavor and fragrant aroma make the nectar appetizing and healthy. Experience the natural taste and convenience of Caprice Organic Mango nectar.

Caprice Tropical

Let’s take you to a getaway of a soothing ocean breeze. Your feet in the sand, ocean waves crashing along the shore. Basking in the tropical sun and enjoying the refreshing sip of a tropical mango nectar. Well, we can’t promise you a getaway, but we can guarantee you’ll experience the tantalizing taste of our tropical mango nectar.

Mango Pulp

The Caprice Mango Pulp is made from matured fresh finest and naturally ripened mango fruits. The pulp is uniform, homogeneous smooth and has a characteristic aroma of natural mango. You can use the Mango Pulp to make shake or ice cream, a tasty recipe for your convenience. It delivers a fresh taste experience with an enchanting twist. Experience our Mango Pulp and escape the island.

Mango Chunks

Caprice harvests mangoes during the peak season to ensure you get quality fruits available. Each delicate piece is washed, finely cut and ready to eat. Our mango chunks come ripe and ready to eat or share for a healthy snack. It comes prepared so you can enjoy the taste straight away without the inconvenience of having to make yourself. You can enjoy it on its own or delicious with yogurt for a perfect breakfast occasion. Mango Chunks are ideal for topping, baking or fruit salads.